Suonare è danzare: Laurence Cummings directs JS Bach, Telemann & Handel

It has been said that where there is music, there is dancing, and this couldn’t be truer than in music of the baroque. Dance was an integral part of life in the 18th century, informing all manner of social and political discourse and forming a necessary part of any respectable education. Music Director designate Laurence Cummings joins AAM leader Bojan Čičić for a sequence celebrating the many forms of dance in works by Muffat, JS Bach, Telemann and Handel.

Concert details

  1. Muffat Armonico Tributo Sonata in G
  2. Bach Violin continuo sonata in E, BWV 1023
  3. Telemann Concerto polonoise in B flat major
  4. Handel  Sonata in G Op.5, No.4

Bojan Čičić violin
Laurence Cummings director & harpsichord

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