In stil moderno: music by Castello, Strozzi & Claudio Monteverdi

Had Dario Castello left us a large-scale composition (an Orfeo or a Vespers) his genius would likely be recognised today alongside that of his colleague Claudio Monteverdi. Pity though it might be only to have been left his two books of instrumental music, the 30 works contained therein are nothing short of a revolution. Daring, innovative and virtuosic, Castello’s sonatas are an artistic triumph surpassed perhaps only by their commercial success in early 17th century Venice. Join AAM for an intrepid exploration of the composer’s unbounded imagination, offset by works of his contemporaries.

Concert details

  1. Barbara Strozzi L’eraclito amoroso & Lagrime mie
  2. Claudio Monteverdi Et e pur dunque vero & Si dolce e’l tormento
  3. Dario Castello selections from Sonate concertante in stil moderno, Libro Secondo

Bojan Čičić director & violin
Steven Devine director & harpsichord
Helen Charlston mezzo-soprano
Academy of Ancient Music

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